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 Show Training

Our specialty! We work on the theory that a show horse must like to work. Through Kindness, discipline, patience and repetition. Our training horses are conditioned and trained like athletes. We believe that through excellent training we can provide the client with better show results due to the fact that the horse stands up and presents themselves to the judges enabling them to score the horse more objectively.


Our Marketing Program is an excellent opportunity if one would like to buy or sell an Arabian horse. We have through our clientele some of the most beautiful Arabian horses in the world to choose from. We have horses available to us that will compliment any budget. Please see our sales list and contact us with any questions or concerns.


If you need a professional evaluation of your horses or breeding program, we are very happy to advise. Questions about breeding, training, which stallions to use in the future or what horses to sell or buy. We have the answers. Please contact us at any time with your questions.

Educational Courses

Scott Allman is eager to share his knowledge  and expertise with all those who wish to better their skills and to enhance their knowledge of communicating and training their horses. With that said, we offer courses for the following.

  • HORSEMANSHIP - Reading, understanding and communicating with your horse.

  • SHOW TRAINING - How to train you horse to stand up and pose for the judges so you can achieve the maximum amount of points from the judges.

  • SHOW PREPARATION - Body clipping, face clipping & make up for the shows.

  • GROOMING - Hair conditioning and excellent shiny coats for the shows.

  • FEEDING AND VITAMINS - how to properly feed your show horses and which vitamins are essential for your individual horse.

  • HANDLING /PRESENTATION - How to present your horse in a confident & professional manner  which will impress the judges and work to your advantage.

  • PHOTO SHOOTS- How to photograph your horses to represent your breeding farm professionally.



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